Your personal BetterOn Guide responds with feedback privately in a 4 weeks accelerated training.

Ideal for:

corporate teams and organizations looking to provide comprehensive growth opportunities to their employees; professionals in high-stakes industries like finance, law, and consulting where virtual presence is crucial; individuals seeking significant personal and professional growth in their virtual communication skills; leaders and executives who want to amplify their impact in virtual meetings and presentations; professionals committed to an intensive and transformative learning experience.

it Works

In this intensive four-week program, you’ll embark on a challenging and rewarding journey to unlock your true potential. Receive weekly personalized feedback from a dedicated BetterOn Guide, who serves as your trusted coach throughout the program. Dive deep into our BetterOn Foundations curriculum, delving beyond the basics to master advanced techniques.

Perfect for serious professionals and forward-thinking organizations, this program offers unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. Watch as your virtual presence transforms, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and propelling you towards unprecedented success. Get ready to unleash the leader within and become a true virtual communication trailblazer!



Challenging 4 week programs focused on skill development including valuable human connection via working with a BetterOn Guide.

  • Training for transformational results.
  • 4 modules and 21 exercises
  • 4-week intensive structure.
  • Private Guide for weekly feedback
  • Ideal for companies to empower employees with significant growth opportunities

What is a guide?

At BetterOn, a Guide is a unique role that is distinct from that of a coach, therapist, or communications trainer. While these professions may also involve personal growth, a Guide is not focused on developing specific skills or treating  health issues. Instead, the Guide’s primary focus is on helping participants develop their presence and become more comfortable and confident on camera.

To BetterOn participants, this Guide role has proven to be the most integral element to their growth.

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