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2022 Better On Calendar

BetterOn Bootcamps are challenging, safe, fun and supportive training environments for participants to practice their presence while learning the requirements of effective communication in today’s remote global business setting. All work is done via asynchronous video, allowing all users to train within their own weekly schedule.

Session 1 Jan 18 – Feb 15
Session 2 Feb 24 – Mar 22
Session 3 Mar 31 – Apr 26
Session 4 May 5 – May 31
Session 5 Jun 9 – Jul 5
Session 6 Jul 14 – Aug 9
Session 7 Aug 18 – Sep 13
Session 8 Sep 22 – Oct 18
Session 9 Oct 27 – Nov 22


  • Clients communicate with their personal BetterOnGuide via asynchronous video for a minimum of 4 weeks while completing assignments.
  • Guides provide personalized video responses within 48 hours of client video submissions.
  • On average, participants spend 1 hour per week doing their BetterOn work.


“It’s not just about talking on film or on video. It’s about how to be a better communicator in general and in life.”

“We have the potential to be everything we need to be on camera and we just need a little help. This is not the kind of thing you’re going to do on your own.”

“BetterOn is going to help you not only become a better communicator, but I dare you to believe that you are a better communicator.”


Are you ready to be BetterOn? Drop us a line and we’ll get things rolling!

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