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Who is BetterOn right for?

BetterOn Training is for everyone who is interested in developing their leadership skills. You will walk out of a BetterOn session with better communication skills, leveled up camera presence, and a better understanding of how you can harness the power of video to add success to your life.


What if I don’t have any prior camera experience?

This is preferred.


Is this like media training?

Similar but much different.  While media training lends itself to an older time, meant for television and formal interviews, BetterOn’s primary goal is for clients to discover themselves and feel in control of any media related projection of them.


Does BetterOn training only help when I’m on camera?

Many clients report that they feel more confident in other areas of their lives like giving speeches/presentations, holding meetings, and even being more present at home with friends/family.


Can I watch examples of other clients results?

Absolutely!  Check out the homepage.


Do I get to keep the videos from training?

Of course you do.  We’ll send a ZIP file after training or bring a hard drive.


Does BetterOn do production too?

BetterOn does not offer full scale production, however we have partners who can do great work and pick up where BetterOn training leaves off.


Where can I sign up for coaching?

Click here to see the different ways that you can get BetterOn and reserve a spot.


Can I customize a training session?

Yes. Check out our 1:1 and bespoke options.


How many people can train at a time?

Group classes max at 5 participants. Our maximum corporate workshop capacity is 15.


How long do 1:1 training sessions usually last?  What’s the structure?

For new clients, we recommend half day sessions which are 3 hours.  After talking through your personal experience and objectives for video, the session is split into 2 parts.  Part 1 is simple messaging and storytelling to establish your baseline. After a break and review of Part 1, we hit the gas and have fun while aiming for ‘usable’ content.


What if I want communication training but am not currently using video?

No problem. Most clients tend to conclude where they want to go with video after they have begun training.


Does BetterOn offer feedback and longer term coaching?

Yes.  Advanced training packages include: video analysis, video strategy, coach feedback, and more!

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