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  • BetterOn Your Own is comprised of 5 self guided modules, allowing users to practice on their own time.
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What is BetterOn Your Own?

A self guided training experience allowing participants to practice their authentic presence in a safe environment while following a BetterOn curriculum.

How does it work?

Participants record themselves performing specific activities and must watch/reflect on their effort in order to move onto the next activity..

Who can benefit?

Leaders, remote workforces, and anyone willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone for the purpose of development will learn something from the experience.

What areas of presence are covered?

Having trained hundreds of professionals on the core skill of authentic presence, BetterOn knows what foundational pieces must be practiced to improve.  BetterOn Your Own covers: 

      • Eye Contact
      • Warm Ups
      • Speed
      • Volume
      • Know Your Frame
      • Understand Your Camera Relationship

How long is BetterOn Your Own?

Users can take as long as they like to complete the activities, however, we suggest trying to complete all modules in no less than 1 week and no longer than 2 months.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Fill out the form above to try it for yourself.

Is there a mobile experience?

Currently, the BetterOn platform is desktop only and functions best on Chrome browsers.

Does BetterOn offer more personalized training?

If you’re looking for a more intensive and hands on experience, sign up to join a 1 month bootcamp, where participants have their own BetterOn Guide to work 1:1 in a private asynchronous environment.