Sales Development Training

The Program: 4 weeks of personalized training
to improve your authentic presence.

What Red Hatters are saying

Present yourself confidently and professionally on camera.

Establish deeper trust over video with your clients.

Communicate effectively, even in challenging situations.

Manage your nonverbal cues to convey the right message.


“This has been the best investment of my time!” Marissa Langford, Sr. Director Marketing

“It’s really good to know how you can be at your best… and want to do it at your best.” Steve Watt, Office of the CTO

“Helping yourself… helps everyone else. BetterOn helped me see strengths I didn’t know I had!” Winston Lloyd, Sr. Director, General Counsel

“I don’t want this to end! ” Jeremy Eder (DELD Program)

“This has been an impactful experience…both personally and professionally. ” Jenn McGinniss, Center for Leadership

“ I feel I have grown… and I plan to use video to create a better connection with the associates in my organization as well as my stakeholders.” Danny Seaton, VP, Security & Safety

How It Works

  • 4 weeks. 4 modules.
  • 100% asynchronous video.
  • Private. 1:1 Feedback from a BetterOn Team Guide.
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour per week
  • Curriculum covers:
    • Eye contact, voice tone, physical framing.
    • Storytelling & audience connection.
    • Freedom to practice anything! i.e. product pitch.
    • Required self reflection.

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