Authentic Leadership Development

The Program: 4 weeks of personalized training
to transform your authentic presence.

What Red Hat Leaders Say

Present yourself confidently and professionally on camera.

Establish deeper trust over video with your clients.

Communicate effectively, even in challenging situations.

Manage your nonverbal cues to convey the right message.

Key Benefits

  • BetterOn boosts self awareness, and confidence by empowering Red Hatters to lead authentically.

  • Gain critical insight and understanding of how your audience perceives you.

  • This learning, combined with deep reflection, allows you to practice showing up as you intend to.

  • Work privately with a certified BetterOn Guide with freedom to workshop custom communications.

  • Interactive and participant centered feedback (as opposed to compliance based) naturally activates positive pathways in the brain for enhanced learning and motivation.


How It Works

  • 4 weeks. 4 modules.
  • 100% asynchronous video.
  • Private. 1:1 Feedback from a BetterOn Team Guide.
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour per week
  • Curriculum covers:
    • Eye contact, voice tone, physical framing.
    • Storytelling & audience connection.
    • Freedom to practice anything! i.e. product pitch.
    • Required self reflection.

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